Candy making 101

Removing Excess Candy From Dipped Items

Removing the excess from dipped items will help keep your work station clean – and make for better looking finished pieces.

Removing Excess Candy Technique

Many new – or less experienced candy makers – make the mistake of scraping chocolate-dipped foods on the edge of the bowl before placing the item on parchment paper (or even worse, shaking the item). Although it is good to remove the excess candy, having all that candy pile up on the edges of your bowl makes for very messy candy making.

There is a technique for removing the excess candy from the surface of an item right after it has been dipped. It involves tapping the dipped item to the surface of the melted candy wafers several times.

Tapping an item to the surface of the melted candy will help to draw the excess candy back down into the bowl. If you can lift the dipped item out of the chocolate after tapping 3–5 times and you do not have any drips, you are all set to put the item on the wax paper.

This process makes for a cleaner work station, and you avoid introducing set-up candy (from the sides of your bowl) to the melted candy.

How to Remove Excess Candy

  1. Dip the piece into melted wafers
  2. Pull the piece out, allowing as much excess to run off as possible.
  3. Tap the bottom of the piece onto the surface of the melted wafers. This will allow excess candy to be pulled off.
  4. Once you don’t have any drips, you’re all set.

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