About us

About us

Compound Development Solutions LLC is the partner that leading brands can rely on.

Known for our high-quality food products, category leading brands, and exceptional customer service. From product development to production, we offer the best in flexible manufacturing at our high volume, SQF Certified facility for chocolate and confectionery products.

about us

doing business the right way

At Compound Development Solutions LLC. we’re committed to doing the right thing, the right way, and we’re purposeful in our approach. Everything we do is built on a commitment to best serve our customers, our employees, and our community.

our mission

Build a culture that strives for the highest standards of excellence in safe quality chocolate and confectionery products.

Food Safety

Our Values

We are proud to be a values-driven company. Our values of safety, quality, collaboration, innovation, and flexibility are integral to our culture, helping to shape how we operate, how we work together and the choices we make.

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    We’re committed to protecting the safety and health of our employees and our customers. We strive to empower all employees to identify, control or eliminate risk.

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    We believe if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. From the services we provide to the products we offer, delivering a quality experience is our number one goal.

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    We know that we can achieve more as a team. We celebrate diversity, share our ideas, and amplify our collective thinking to create meaningful impact for our customers and partners.

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    We think outside of the box and strive to be resourceful and imaginative. We reward creativity, we learn from our challenges, and build on our successes.

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    We welcome new ideas and change. We look for ways to make it happen, not the reasons why it can’t. We anticipate and respond quickly to opportunities, issues, and our customers’ needs.


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