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Candy Wafer Questions

  • Is tempering required when using Make’n Mold or Chocomaker candy wafers?

    Tempering is NOT required when using our Candy Wafers.

  • Best Candy Wafers Storage Solutions

    Always store your candy wafers in a cool, dry place, and in a container that is airtight. Plastic bags, food storage containers, and glass jars will all do the trick. Never refrigerate or freeze your candy wafers. The cupboard is a safe place where wafers will not be exposed to too much heat, light or moisture.

  • Why did a white film appear on my Candy Wafers?

    Bloomed Candy Wafers, or “Fat Bloom” is a common sight, usually noticeable on candy wafers that have been stored in an environment with inconsistent temperatures. Fat bloom is when the fat from the candy has separated slightly due to change of temperature, then re-settled on the surface. The candy is completely fine and the fat will mix back in once it is melted. If this happens on a finished candy piece, it is because the wafers were not shock-chilled. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that many candy makers learn the hard way.

  • Can you store Candy Wafers in the freezer, and if so for how long?

    No, do not store your Candy Wafers in neither the freezer nor the fridge. You should store your candy in a cool dry place such as an airtight container.

  • How do my molded pieces get that shiny appearance? Does this happen automatically or do I need to do something special?

    A clean mold is what gives candies their super-shiny finish; scuffs or residue inside the mold will not allow for a shiny exterior.

  • I have a Hersheys Chocolate Fountain and would like to know if your Milk Chocolate Candy Wafers are OK to use in it. The instructions say you should use chocolate with at least 39% cocoa butter.

    We don’t recommend using our Candy Wafers in fountains as they have a lower % of fat, but if you wanted to try it, we’d recommend adding about 1-2 oz of fat (such as shortening) per pound of candy wafers used. 

    We recommend using our ChocoMaker®  Chocolate Flavored Dipping Candy that is specially formulated for use in our ChocoMaker® Chocolate Fountains. Just melt in the microwave and it will be fountain ready, you don’t even need to add any extra oils. It’s also great for chocolate fondue, candy making and delicious desserts.

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Alergen information

  • Are your Candy Wafers peanut free?

    All of our Candy Wafers are peanut free, however they may contain trace amounts of peanuts due to common processing equipment.

  • Are your Candy Wafers gluten-free?

    All of our Candy Wafers are gluten-free.

  • Are your Candy Wafers free of coconut oil?

    All of our Candy Wafers are free of coconut oil.


  • When making candy pieces for a special event, how far in advance can the candy be made?

    Generally no more than a month ahead of time.

  • How far in advance can I make candy covered strawberries?

    Strawberries and other fruit should be dipped the day of the event to prevent weeping, drying out and molding of the fruit.

  • How would I know how many ounces of candy wafers to buy to make 100 lollipops?

    Each candy mold package should state how many ounces are required to fill the mold cavities. You can then use the equation:

    [ Required Ounces / Mold Cavities X’s Number of Desired Pops = Ounces of Candy Wafers to Buy ]. 

    In this instance to make 100 lollipops you would need 100 ounces of Candy Wafers.


  • Can hardened Candy Wafers be remelted and used again?

    Yes, you can remelt candy wafters approximately three times before the consistency starts breaking down and it becomes more difficult to melt.

  • Why do my melted Candy Wafers have the consistency of fudge, and how can I avoid this?

    This can be a sign that trace amounts of moisture have gotten into your wafers, or that wafers were slightly overheated; in some cases, wafers that are over a year old can have less fluidity when melted. These situations can be helped by adding a small amount of vegetable oil to the wafers to thin them out. Start with a teaspoon for every 8 ounces of candy and go up from there.

  • After pouring Candy Wafers how soon can I take it out of the mold?

    Once you’ve finished molding the piece you should chill it in your refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.

    Then remove from the refrigerator and check if the candy is set.

  • How can I tell if my chocolate has set?

    When your chocolate is firm to the touch it is set and can be removed from the mold.

  • Should I have sprayed my mold with cooking oil first?

    It is not necessary and not recommended to spray the mold with cooking oil. The candy should easily release from the mold when it has finished chilling in the refrigerator.

  • What is the easiest way to trim candy when it comes out of the mold?

    1. You can break any excess chocolate off with your fingers and then rub along the edge with your finger tip to smooth the chocolate.
    2. 2. You can also use a sharp knife and then slowly and carefully go along the edge with the over pour and cut along the mold’s edge.
    3. 3. You can also use a standard vegetable peeler, similar to the knife, just go slowly around the edges.
    4. 4. You may also try filling the molds with a squeeze bottle so that you have a finer control of how quickly the mold is filled, hopefully ending any over pour.

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wafers flavoring & additions

  • I would like to make flavored candy pieces. What type of flavoring should I use?

    Only use oil-based flavoring. Adding extracts or water-based flavorings will cause your Candy Wafers to seize and become unusable.

  • How should I add flavoring oil to my melted candy wafers?

    To begin, add just a drop or two to your melted Candy Wafers, stir, and then taste. Repeat the process until you’ve reached the desired flavor.

  • Can I add color to Candy Wafers?

    There are two methods to add color to Candy Wafers:

    • • Use oil-based food coloring
    • • Melt two or more Candy Wafer colors together to create your own custom shade
  • How to color Candy Wafers with oil-based food coloring

    1. 1. Melt your Candy Wafers in a small, microwaveable bowl, according to the package instructions.
    2. 2. Add a small amount of food coloring to your melted Candy Wafers, according to the package instructions. 
    3. 3. Mix until evenly combined. 
    4. 4. Continue adding small amounts of food coloring until you have achieved your desired shade.

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