Candy making 101

Barks and Clusters

Simply combining melted candy wafers with dry ingredients is the formula for making a customized treat that will suit any sweet tooth.

Barks and Clusters
Making bark or clusters is a simple way to incorporate additional flavors into your candies. Foods like dried fruits, nuts, candies and cookie pieces are perfect for both clusters and bark. By simply combining melted candy wafers with any combination of dry ingredients, you will have the formula for making a customized treat to suit any sweet tooth. Adding flavoring oils to your melted candy wafers is an additional way to enhance the overall flavor profile.

A general ratio for making bark and clusters is 1:1, melted candy wafers to dry ingredients (by volume). Although this guideline is not always followed, it will help to ensure that you have enough melted candy to hold the dry ingredients together.

When creating bark and clusters, there are two different methods. The first involves combining all ingredients together before shaping. The other method involves putting the melted candy wafers down, then putting the dry ingredients on top. Throughout the next section, you will see a few different spins on these two methods. Always remember that candy making should be fun and suited to your preferences.

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