Candy making 101


Being able to drizzle like a pro is simplewhen you find a method that works for you

Proper Drizzling

Drizzling your dipped goodies will make them appear more finished and professional. Although drizzling your candy is a simple technique, it is important that each candy maker learns the method that works best for them. These pages will illustrate four methods for creating the perfect, professional-looking drizzle.

Spoon Method

  • Dip spoon directly into melted wafers and pull straight out.
  • Holding the spoon straight up and down, flick the spoon back and forth to force the candy off the spoon. Tip: This is a more difficult form of drizzling; you may want to practice over an extra piece of parchment paper first.
  • When the drizzle stops being a solid strand of melted candy, re-dip the spoon and start again.

Decorating Bottles

  • Using a Make’n Mold decorating bottle, fill about half way with melted candy wafers. Screw on cap.
  • Tap the tip of the bottle onto the counter top to bring melted candy wafers down into the tip.
  • Squeeze bottle and direct candy over the food you are decorating. Tip: Decorating bottles sometimes clog. Invest in several sets and if one tip gets clogged, switch it out for another and keep going. At the end, you can wash them all.

Piping Bag Method

  • Use either a disposable piping bag with avery fine hole cut from the tip, or a re-usable piping bag with a very fine, round piping tip.
  • Place a small amount of melted candy wafers into the piping bag. (Don’t go overboard filling your piping bag — a little goes a long way.)
  • Twist the bag to keep the candy inside and gently squeeze piping bag, directing candy where you want it to go.

Paper Cone

  • This disposable piping bag requires the use of a parchment paper triangle. Some bakery suppliers have these already cut, but if not, make sure your triangles were cut from a perfect square of parchment paper. Do not use wax paper for this because the wax will melt all over your hands!
  • Fold the end of the paper cone like a tube of toothpaste instead of twisting.
  • When cutting the tip, make sure to cut straight and not at an angle.

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