Candy making 101

Dipping and Drizzling

You can dip and/or drizzle just about anything in melted Make’n Mold candy or Make’n Mold caramel. It’s colorful, deliciously flavored, and adds flair to everything from desserts to school treats to plain old snacks you find in the kitchen.


Instructions: Prepare items to be dipped. Melt desired color or flavor of Make’n Mold candy wafers in ChocoMaker® Candy Melter or a large bowl. Use a toothpick, skewer, fork or hold by one end to dip items into the melted wafers. Chill 10-15 minutes.

Hint 1: Always chill pieces after dipping them to prevent blooming. To make chilling easier, place items on a waxed paper-lined cookie sheet as you dip them. Then place the whole cookie sheet in the refrigerator.

Hint 2: For fondue fun, prepare the items to be dipped according to instructions below. Place on a platter and serve to guests so they can dip themselves and eat immediately. No chilling necessary!

Items to Dip

Apples, bananas, pears and starfruit: About two hours ahead of time, cut into bite-size chunks or slices. Dip the cut fruit into lemon, orange or pineapple juice or lemon-lime soda. Chill until ready to dip. Blot with a paper towel before dipping.

Strawberries, cherries and grapes: Use a damp paper towel to gently wipe fresh strawberries, cherries and grapes clean before dipping. Leave berries and cherries with the stems on and spear grapes with toothpicks.

Pineapple: Cut into chunks and dab with a dry paper towel to soak up any juice before dipping.

Marshmallows, cookies (sandwich, biscotti, shortbread), pretzels, graham crackers, angel food cake, large pieces of dried fruit:  Use toothpicks, forks or hold by one end to dip dry items into melted wafers. Cut angel food cake into cubes before dipping.

Peanut butter balls, Brownie cubes, cookie squares:  For a special event, make your favorite food or dessert into a ball or square that can be dipped. Dip into melted wafers using a slotted spoon to allow excess wafers to drip off underneath before setting on waxed paper to chill.

Skewers:  Spear small items such as mini marshmallows, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, and raisins. Dip entire end of skewer into the melted wafers. These are perfect for fondue fun, too!


Instructions: Melt desired color of Make’n Mold candy wafers in a small pitcher with a spout, in the microwave. Pour melted wafers into a Make’n Mold miniature squeeze bottle. Screw on a Make’n Mold writer cap to the miniature squeeze bottle. Tipping the bottle upside down, squeeze while moving your wrist back and forth over the item to be dipped.

Hint 1: The Make’n Mold miniature squeeze bottle and writer cap make a perfect drizzle tool; however, if you do not have these items you may dip a fork into the melted wafers and drizzle candy from that over the desired items.

Items to be drizzled: Dress up any food with a little bit of drizzled candy…any candy-dipped items; clusters and bark; frosted cakes and cupcakes; cheesecake; crumb topped or open-topped pie; ice cream; or caramel apples.

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