Candy making 101

3D Molding

The following directions are written for use with Make’n Mold 3D Molds, such as the Eiffel Tower.

  • Fill molds with melted candy wafers, tapping on countertop or table to release air bubbles and to evenly distribute candy.
  • Remove any excess chocolate from the stick channel by pushing a stick wrapped in paper towel up the channel, moving the excess candy into the main mold cavity.
    (Do not insert sticks into this batch of molds)
  • Chill molds in refrigerator for 10 minutes or until firm
  • Once firm, remove mold from the refrigerator and pop pieces out of mold.
  • Once again, fill the mold with candy being sure not to over fill. You will need to make sure each mold is filled just under the brim, as you will need the extra space without spillage.
  • Tap mold, then insert a stick into each mold cavity. Finally, place the previously made tower on top of the newly molded one. Gently press them together so that fit firmly together.
  • Place in refrigerator and let chill approximately 10 minutes or until firm.
  • Once firm, remove from refrigerator and pop out 3D mold.

The following directions were written for use with the more intricate 3D Tree Candy Mold.

  1. Mold 4 left pieces and 4 right pieces so that you have 8 pieces in total.
  2. Combine 1 left piece and 1 right piece using a small amount of melted candy wafers to act as glue so that you have a double-sided tree piece. Repeat until you have all 4 tree pieces in total.
  3. Take two tree pieces, lay them on wax paper so that they the longer ends touch.
  4. Use more melted candy wafers along the long end of each piece, then “glue” the pieces together. Let the candy wafers set.
  5. Connect a third piece perpendicularly with melted candy wafers to the seam of the two flat pieces and stand the structure up so that the candy wafers set standing up.
  6. Now add the fourth piece to the standing structure using melted candy wafers and let set. Your tree is complete!

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